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How To Make It Easy To Sell A Junk Car

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Selling a vehicle to a junk car buyer is an easy way to recoup some of its value. Salvage yards sell parts to repair shops and other vehicle owners, making a tidy profit. Before selling your old car, follow these tips to get the most value for it.

How To Make It Easy To Sell A Junk Car

Document Ownership

If you don’t already have it, get the vehicle’s title. Salvage yards and scrappers can’t buy a vehicle from anyone but its registered owner. Before you find any buy my junk car colorado springs co, establish ownership in your own name.

Assess the Vehicle’s Value

Next, assess the vehicle’s condition and determine its Kelley Blue Book value. When you’re trying to get the highest price possible, potential buyers will ask numerous questions about the vehicle, including where it’s damaged, if it runs, and what else is wrong with it. If you can, repair the car enough to make it road worthy. A vehicle that runs and drives is worth more than one that doesn’t, and some junk car buyers may charge for pickup.

Get Some Prices

Call all the salvage yards in your town but be sure to call those in cities close by. Pricing may be significantly different, making a short drive worth the additional cost. Some buyers do not pay for vehicles they must pick up, while others will pay depending on the car’s make, model and condition. It’s best to consult several buyers and compare their offers.

Deliver the Vehicle

Now that you’ve gotten a few prices, it’s time to deliver the vehicle. If you can, drive or pull it in yourself. Most salvage buyers pay a premium for vehicles they don’t have to pick up, as it helps them save money and time. Be sure to bring the vehicle’s title, as you can’t make the sale without proof of ownership.

Lemon Laws

If you’re trying to sell your old car to a consumer, there are certain laws you must follow. The US has what’s commonly referred to as a “lemon law” to protect buyers from unscrupulous sellers. Though most of these laws aren’t a big issue, there are some you should definitely pay attention to. Before selling your junk car, research your state’s lemon laws. Most don’t protect those buying used vehicles or those that are sold “as is”.

Mileage Tampering

Mileage roll-backs are covered by most lemon laws and they’re one of the easiest ways for a vehicle seller to trick a buyer. You’re prohibited from tampering with the vehicle’s mileage and doing so is a crime. If the vehicle’s odometer has stopped working, you must disclose that fact and indicate it on the title.

Price Maximums

Most lemon laws are avoidable as long as the car’s sale price is within a certain range. Most states only offer lemon law refunds if a car is sold for over $700. Similar limitations are imposed on vehicle age and mileage.

Selling your junk car for cash is an easy way to make a profit from a vehicle you’re never going to drive again. By following your state’s lemon laws and these tips, you’ll make the process go smoother for everyone.